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Garvin County deserves a champion at the Oklahoma Capitol. The so-called leaders in Oklahoma City have left Garvin County residents behind. The greatest burden has been on our most vulnerable citizens and the taxpayers due to our state government's failures.
Protecting Our Schools

Steve knows how important our schools are to our communities.  He also knows how important public education is to our nation.  He knows how our schools give even our poorest children the tools and skills they need to rise above the poverty they may have been born into and achieve their life goals.

    Steve also knows how devastating vouchers are to public schools.  He knows how vouchers rob our schools of their funding, the precious life-blood that keeps schools alive.  

   Steve refuses to sit by idly and watch as our legislators pass school voucher laws because they think they will make schools better.

    Steve will be a definite “YES” vote for public schools and a definite “NO” vote on school vouchers.

Steve's Stance on Guns 

Like his family members before him, Steve grew up on the Washita River.  Hunting and fishing were a way of life to him.  He didn’t think any more of guns than he did of rod and reels and trot lines.  Hunting and fishing were both sports and a way of putting food on the table. 

    Like many gun owners, he learned gun safety at an early age. Although the second amendment ensures the right to own a gun, it is our responsibility as a society to make protecting human lives a priority. We've seen too often what happens when someone who's either mentally ill or just wants to hurt others is allowed access to guns. As a retired teacher, my heart is heavy due to school shootings that didn't have to happen.

    The Jarman family served as police officers in Pauls Valley and Garvin County for over sixty years.  Steve’s father, uncles and cousins served as law enforcement officers from the mid-nineteen forties up into the 2000’s. One thing they all took pride in was that they never shot anyone while in the line of duty.

    Steve recalls his father telling him about four times when he had to draw his weapon on someone.  Twice he fired it and both times he deliberately missed.  He was a crack shot. He missed because even if he was in danger, he never wanted to end a life.  

Strengthening Our Healthcare System

   Healthcare is an individual human right and healthcare services are vital to Oklahomans. Steve has no right to intervene or interfere with anyone’s healthcare decisions. And neither does the state or federal government. Rather than push bad policies, how about we just be good humans? Our job as people is to care for each other as we care for ourselves.

    Living in Pauls Valley, he witnessed the 2015 closing of the Southern Oklahoma Resource Center (SORC). This facility served countless developmentally disabled Oklahomans and their families. The closure of SORC and a similar facility in Enid cost the lives of at least twenty of our state's most vunerable citizens; people who required twenty-four-hour care.

    Rural healthcare services are crucial to Oklahoma’s growth. In 2018, Steve’s hometown of Pauls Valley was one of several towns in Oklahoma that lost its hospital. He saw how hospital employees and concerned citizens worked side by side to try to keep their hospital open.  They had fundraising activities ranging from bake sales to barbecues only to see the doors close.

    Let there be no mistake about it.  The rural hospitals that closed their doors in 2018 did so because Governor Fallin refused to accept the federal money offered by the Affordable Care Act.  But, let there be no mistake about this, either. Pauls Valley’s elected representatives at the State Captiol did not intercede on their behalf.

    If elected, Steve will speak up on behalf of the people of House District 42.  He will intercede for them.  

    Pauls Valley’s hospital is now open due to the efforts of certain concerned businessmen and women and concerned citizens in that community.  They did this without the help of elected officials at the State Capitol. 

    In addition to certain rural hospitals closing their doors, many rural communities need both doctors and nurses.  Steve believes that incentives should be offered to medical professionals, especially those who are straight out of med school, nurses included, to encourage them to set up practice in rural areas.  Student loan foregiveness is a federal issue but should be considered as one way to bring new doctors and nurses into our rural areas.

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